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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters

“Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters”

Cabo Magic Sportfishing has Offered Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters Since 1999 and under same the ownership.

From humble beginning in 1998, introducing our unique approach to the previously un-organized sportfishing industry in Cabo San Lucas we are proud knowing so many locals and their families have benefitted from our work ethics and business philosophies for Cabo Fishing Charters.   “Setting New Standards in Customer Service” was an original tag line.   Our efforts have been rewarded with return VIP Guess and thousands of referrals – We proudly share and display letters and photos received that tell the greatest of stories!  “Pictures Tell The Real Reel Story!”  ©

We are the recipient of numerous prestigious Certificate of Excellence Awards from Trip Advisor.

Cabo Magic®  Sportfishing’s success is a combination of several factors:  We have the very best crews – Captains, First Mates, Deckhands and yes, Onboard Chefs – – – All have tremendous pride in their work and it shows!  Many began with us and moved on to other boats and owners.  We are equally proud of them and their successes.

Vessel Owners/Partners understand the necessity of repairs and maintenance according to strict standards.

Our attention to the myriad of details of the business of Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters. Fishing is time tested!

We were established in 1999 with our flagship “CABO MAGIC” a 35′ Bertram Sportfisher.  Not long after, we added another boat and another, as the business grew exponentially.  We were approached by American, Canadian, and Mexican boat owners asking us to represent them.  Many of the local ‘old-timers’ have known Tommy when he began fishing the waters of Cabo San Lucas in the early 1970’s.

Going back even further, in 1994, we established Importadores de Los Cabos, importing a variety of merchandise for hotels and fishing fleets including Penn ® Tackle and RCA Televisions.  Then we converted an old brick “Llantera” (tire shop) behind the first Pemex in town and opened Musica Y Mas, where we sold toys like Barbie ®, in demand Levis ®, car stereos, boom boxes, Irons, blenders, food processors, and introduced music on CD to the locals.  When we outgrew that location,  we moved up the hill, near Cruz Roja where we were the only place to buy such products other than Electronics Ruth and Aramburo downtown for 7 years.

We started publishing our Team Cabo Magic  “Fish & Catch Report” in 1999 as a means for people to see how awesome paradise bounty is!  Suddenly, everyone began referring to their company as Team.  Flattered by the imitation, we’ve remained a premier Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charter Company.  “Fishing, its what we do!” ©

As many know, its not easy to accumulate, and post, fish reports daily.  That’s another reason why we are thrilled to post VIP Guest Photos and VIP Guest Letters.  On our Original Site, you ‘ll find photos and letters that go back to day one  – a great way to see what the conditions and bounty production might be like any given time period.  Keep in mind that things can be different year to year .. there’s no way to predict exactly what dance Neptune & Mother Nature are going to do!   Many of you may remember our original website sparked the idea for many. We were the first Cabo Fishing Company to produce a website, first to offer a USA Tollfree line, first with a Vonage line, and first with a published fish report. .  Yes, we are pioneers and leaders for sure.

Our original website was painstakingly and lovingly custom created by Tommy, Alan and Lori on an asp platform in 1997, long before Google launched in September 1998.   The site initially offered current area conditions and general information on Cabo San Lucas.  It was an ideal way to proudly display photos  and letters we received.  One day Lori learned that “Pescador” means “Fisherman” and thus VIP Guest was created – VIP has always meant Very Important Pescador!

We’ve been showcased many times, on Sportfishing shows including many that have aired on ESPN – OUTDOOR CHANNEL – OUTDOOR LIFE – VERSUS NETWORK.

“Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters”

We’ve been making magic + dreams come true since the day we were established.

For some it surely can be beginner’s luck, and we’ve been told, its also personal bucket list dream fulfillment.

Cabo Magic VIP Clients

Cabo Magic VIP Clients

We’ve welcomed guests from all walks of life
We equally honor requests for for publicity and privacy.

NBA Lakers, Kings, Clippers, Spurs, Rockets, Knicks, Heat
NASCAR  Kasey Kahne, Tony Raines
BASEBALL  Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers
NHL Kings,Sharks, Maple Leafs
NFL Cowboys, Raiders, Viking, Eagles, Broncos
Singers, Songwriters, Musicians – John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan
Celebrities & Entertainers – Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney
Publishers, Authors, Playwrights, Literary Agents, Talent Agents
Judges, Attorneys, CPAs, Analysts,
Radiologists, Cardiologists, Dentists. Nurses, Physician Assistants, ER Physicians
Pilots, Flight Attendants, Teachers, Professors, School Superintendents
Iron Workers –  Oil Rig Workers
Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Sales Representatives
Teachers, Professors, Students, Principals, Superintendents,
Fathers & Sons, Mothers & Daughters, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
We’ve helped plan & coordinate: Corporate Events, Family Reunions, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Surprise Parties, Graduations, Engagements, Weddings, Memorial Services

CABO MAGIC® Sportfishing is located in the beautiful paradise of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur , Mexico approximately 1000 miles south of San Diego, California .  It is called “Lands End” and is Where the Majestic Pacific Ocean Meets the Bountiful Sea of Cortez. It is world famous as the Striped Marlin Capital of the World & is a Top-Pick Destination for World Class Sport Fishing.

We invite you to Fish With Us Aboard Tournament and Award Winning CABO MAGIC® Sportfishing charter boats, including Pangas, Cruisers,  Sport Fishers, and Yachts that are Licensed + Insured ~ With Modern, Top Of The Line Tackle, Gear, Electronics & USCG Safety Standards, and look forward to the opportunity to say “Welcome Aboard” whether you are a beginner, a professional and everyone in between!

Cabo Fish Report and Fishing News

Get hooked up year-round with our competent, skilled, and hard working crews, who are on the water more than 350 days every year. Some of our crew member are 3rd and 4th generation Captains.  All crew members participate in local tournaments, many boast impressive, and multiple tournament wins. Our crews want to help you earn your bragging rights, and are eager to show you how they do what they do.

All boats, tackle and gear are maintained according to strict standards – Your safety is our #1 priority, followed immediately with entertaining you, and getting you on the fish.  You can choose from “Bring Your Own” and “All Inclusive” sport fishing charters, or some combination thereof, as we are ever mindful of your budget and personal preferences. We will gladly work with you to arrange the adventure you dream of – charters ‘out of the ordinary’ can be created to satisfy every taste and all budgets –- We Are First Class & Affordable.

Cabo San Lucas  Fishing Charters

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Get Hooked Up Year-Round With Cabo Magic® Sportfishing
“We Are Ready To Hook You Up!” © 1999 Tommy Garcia
“Setting New Standards in Customer Service in Cabo San Lucas since 1999”

Pangas, Cruisers, Sportfishers and Yachts. Why us?

cabo san lucas fishing charters

Cabo Magic Crews

What can we expect from your crews? First and foremost, our crews are concerned with the safety of our VIP guests. Next they want to entertain you and 'get you on the fish'. To succeed, a combination of effort, skill, timing and luck work together. It is very important to keep your wits about you while aboard any vessel. Sea conditions can go from 'smooth' to 'choppy' or even a rogue swell can appear seemingly out of nowhere. It is helpful to watch what the crew is doing. They'll be working to find the fish. They are watching signs of action such as birds, surface bubbles, bait fish, jumping fish, fins & tails. Their eyes are trained & skilled in watching for the slightest sign of fish action. They will troll lures to catch the attention of fish. Sometimes the fish you are hunting will hit a trolled lure and sometimes the crew will pitch live bait to entice them. Our captains & mates can speak and understand English in various levels. Several take great pride in their ability to do so. ALL crews do their best to understand what you say to them. Some are more comfortable speaking their native language amongst themselves. Just as you might appreciate their effort to speak English to you, they do appreciate any effort made to speak Spanish. All of our crews speak fantastic Fish English! Our crews do what is necessary to maintain the boat & keep equipment functioning and operating properly.
Cabo Fishing onn Sportfishers and Yachts

Cabo Fishing on Sportfishers and Yachts

Cabo fishing on Sportfishers and Yachts If you are looking to combine enjoying a day of luxury on the water, with fighting a trophy Marlin, or a Pacific Sailfish, or perhaps you dream of boating a Yellowfin Tuna or Dorado or maybe a Wahoo, let's arrange for you and your group to fish in Cabo San Lucas aboard one of our Sportfishers or Yachts. Arrangements can can be simple or elaborate. Want something extra special and unique for your special day? Want to plan or throw a Surprise Party? Birthday or Anniversary Celebration? Want to celebrate engagement? Want to propose? Want to celebrate your freedom? Want to show your biggest clients that you really appreciate their business? Want a chef onboard? You got it! Want a videographer on board? done! How about a Mariachi band? Or perhaps a jazz trio? Let Lori know and everything you want will be handled. Attention to detail is what we are known for. 18 years in business - Same Ownership + Same Leadership since day one.
Cabo Magic Sportfishing Charters

Cabo Fishing Charters

Cabo Fishing Charters. The charters we arrange are boat specific. We do not double book boats - this was one of the first standard principles of business established - by us - in 1999. All crews are properly documented, licensed, and insured for charter. All carry US Coast Guard level safety equipment. Boats are inspected annually by the Port Captains Office. Owners provide proof of insurance to the Port Captains Office to maintain their charter license/permit. ("matricula") Owners of vessels are responsible for all operating costs associated with the charters we arrange. To confidently place VIP Guests aboard - as we have done since 1999 - vessel owners and crews are in alignment with our business practices and philosophies. "We treat everyone with dignity and respect" All of us look forward to welcoming you aboard.