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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters

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Get Hooked Up Year-Round With Cabo Magic® Sportfishing
“We Are Ready To Hook You Up!” © 1999 Tommy Garcia

We’ve been showcased on a variety of Sportfishing shows on ESPN – OUTDOOR CHANNEL – OUTDOOR LIFE – VERSUS NETWORK.  We’ve been making magic + dreams come true since the day we were established in 1999. For some it is beginner’s luck, for most, we’ve been told, it was their personal bucket list dream fulfillment.

We want to be your choice for Cabo sport fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas. Our attention to detail is time tested!  Under the same ownership, and leadership of Tommy Garcia since day one.

If you are interested to see a photo gallery of 16 years of true Cabo Magic® history,  we invite you to visit our “sister” website – where you will find all of our original website content.  There are thousands of VIP Guest Photos & Letters proudly displayed.   Our original site is a big reason you are looking at this website today.  It was created before we knew anything about Google.  We began to build & design our site in early 1998 -  Google was launched September 4, 1998.   The site was created to provide current conditions and general information to anyone considering a visit to Cabo San Lucas, and provide a photo gallery to proudly display guests bounty, and proudly share all the letters we received. VIP Guest, Danny Delgado, gave us the very first photo of him and his impressive dorado! See for yourself on page 131.  We said any photos displayed would forever remain unless we were asked to remove them.  So our original site, which was not a cookie cutter template – it was painstakingly, and lovingly designed by Tommy, Alan and Lori,  was designed to forever display VIP Guest Photos and Letters.  You wont see that evidence of longevity everywhere …  And this is probably a good time and place to explain the meaning of VIP .. One day while practicing learning Spanish, I learned that “Pescador” means “Fisherman”.  VIP stands for Very Important Pescador ..

Some of you reading this may be familiar with Gene Kira whose site was a very early gatherer of fish reports for all of Mexico and Baja California North & South.  Each week we submitted a summary to Gene.  nice time to mention Gene and give him kudos and thanks for the service he provided to so many people for so many years.  He’s written a few interesting books.  ”Google” search his name!

Our efforts have been rewarded with the many thousands of letters and photos that tell the greatest of true fish stories.

We have received a prestigious Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor.  What will you find there?  Well some of the reviews are absolutely accurate and true, while others – lets just say ‘not so much’.  Our unique way of approaching the previously un-organized sportfishing industry in Cabo San Lucas tended to rub some the wrong way – but we stand proud knowing many many MANY local families have benefitted from our work ethics and business philosophies.  We also know there are some in business in Cabo who claim and pretend to be something other than they are – but this is not the place or time for that information – This is the venue for providing you, the reader of this page information about us!

CABO MAGIC® Sportfishing is located in the beautiful paradise of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur , Mexico approximately 1000 miles south of San Diego, California .  It is called “Lands End” and is Where the Majestic Pacific Ocean Meets the Bountiful Sea of Cortez. It is reknowned as the Striped Marlin Capital of the World & is a Top-Pick Destination for World Class Sport Fishing.

We invite you to Fish With Us Aboard Tournament and Award Winning CABO MAGIC® Sportfishing charter boats, including Pangas, Cruisers,  Sport Fishers, and Yachts that are Licensed + Insured ~ With Modern, Top Of The Line Tackle, Gear, Electronics & USCG Safety Standards, and look forward to the opportunity to say “Welcome Aboard” whether you are a beginner, a professional and everyone in between!

Cabo San Lucas Charters, Crews & Boats of Cabo Magic® Sportfishing

Get hooked up year-round with our competent, skilled, and hard working crews, who are on the water more than 350 days every year. Some of our crew member are 3rd and 4th generation Captains.  All crew members participate in local tournaments, many boast impressive, and multiple tournament wins. Our crews want to help you earn your bragging rights, and are eager to show you how they do what they do.

All boats, tackle and gear are maintained according to strict standards – Your safety is our #1 priority, followed immediately with entertaining you, and getting you on the fish.  You can choose from “Bring Your Own” and “All Inclusive” sport fishing charters, or some combination thereof, as we are ever mindful of your budget and personal preferences. We will gladly work with you to arrange the adventure you dream of – charters ‘out of the ordinary’ can be created to satisfy every taste and all budgets –- We Are First Class & Affordable.

Oh yes!!   After you have fished with us we encourage you to send us photos for publishing on and Facebook

Why Cabo Magic


Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

We have a variety of Pangas, Cruisers, Sportfishers and Yachts available for Cabo Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas. A panga is ideal for inshore fishing. The shallow hull allows the vessel to get practically on top of the rocks, which is where many of our inshore species live.  Pez Gallo - Roosterfish - ride the surf break, so again, the panga has the ability to get right there.  Pangas are equipped with lighter duty tackle and our captains will travel up to 10 miles from the marina for you.  You can fish/hunt for Striped Marlin + Yellowfin Tuna + Dorado + Wahoo as well.  Cruisers are both single and twin engines, sized 26' to 34'.  Each cruiser has a maximum number of guests permitted aboard ranging from 3 to 6.- depending on size.   Single engine boats generally remain within 10 miles of marina departure.  Twin engines provide power and speed.  We offer a variety to choose from.  Sportfishers & Yachts are twin engine, sized 35' and larger, and can accommodate larger groups.  The amenities provide additional comfort for guests.  All have a salon and many are air-conditioned.  When fishing with Cabo Magic ® Sporfishing you will get what you pay for, and, pay for what you get - and we pride ourselves on arranging charters according to your descriptions and wishes. See Pangas - Cruisers 23'-34'
60' Hatteras

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Sportfishers and Yachts 35′ to 70′

Cabo Magic® Cabo San Lucas Sportfishers and Yachts are sized 35' to 70' From time to time we offer Megayachts available for charter as well. Fishing in Cabo San Lucas on Sportfishers and Yachts is excellent year round. And lets be honest: Its the catching that really matters!  And remarkably our waters offer bounty nearly 365 days of every year - year after year after year. If you are looking to combine enjoying a day of luxury on the water, with fighting a trophy Marlin, or a Pacific Sailfish, or perhaps you dream of boating a Yellowfin Tuna or Dorado or maybe a Wahoo,  let's arrange for you and your group to fish in Cabo San Lucas aboard one of our Sportfishers or Yachts. Arrangements can can be simple or elaborate. Want something extra special and unique for your special day? Want to plan or throw a Surprise Party?  Birthday or Anniversary Celebration? Want to celebrate engagement?  Want to propose? Want to celebrate your freedom? Want to show your biggest clients that you really appreciate their business? Want a chef onboard? You got it! Want a videographer on board? done! How about a Mariachi band? Or perhaps a jazz trio? Let Lori know and everything you want will be handled.  Attention to detail is what we are known for. 15 years in business - Same Ownership + Same Leadership since day one.  

See Sportfishers - Yachts 35'-70'


Cabo Fishing Charters and Crews

"Cabo Fishing Charters and Crews" of Cabo Magic® Sportfishing "We are ready to hook you up"© was first said in 1999 by Tommy Garcia   - and we ARE ready to hook you up nearly 350 days of the year - all year-round – whether you are an experienced professional angler – fishing for the first time – or somewhere in between, your Cabo San Lucas fishing charter with CABO MAGIC® charter boats or sportfishers/yachts will be your very own one-of-a-kind unique experience with competent skilled hard working crews. Cabo San Lucas fishing charters with Cabo Magic are ideal for “Bucket List” fulfillment. Be camera ready to capture Kodak moments! We offer ‘Bring Your Own” and “All Inclusive” Cabo fishing charters - arrangements made to your preferences - we offer something for all tastes, and all budgets.  First Class and Affordable! The Cabo fishing charters we arrange are boat specific. We do not double book boats - this was one of the first standard principles of business established - by us - in 1999. All of our Cabo fishing charter boats are properly documented, licensed, and insured for charter. All of our Cabo fishing charter crews are properly documented, licensed, and insured for charter. All of our Cabo fishing charter crews carry US Coast Guard level safety equipment. Owners of vessels are responsible for all operating costs associated with the charters we arrange. To confidently place VIP Guests aboard - as we have done since 1999 - vessel owners and cabo fishing crews are in alignment with our business practices and philosophies. "We treat everyone with dignity and respect" - another quote by leader Tommy Garcia. All of us look forward to welcoming you aboard!
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What people are saying about Cabo Magic

mike a
My husband has gone out with Cabo Magic in the past with great success (3 marlins in one day the previous trip!!!) but it wasn't until I was planning a surprise birthday trip to Cabo for his 40th birthday that I found out how "full service" Cabo Magic really was!!! Not only did they help me keep it a surprise (thank you, Secret Agent Lori) but they planned a trip for his whole family to go out AND even got a birthday cake which was waiting on board! My husband has gone deep sea fishing all over Mexico and the Caribbean and no one has ever come close to the quality, service and success like Cabo Magic Sportfishing in Cabo. Keeps us coming back time after time!!
Michael Andrews
I have chartered boats all over the world and found that the Cabo Magic experience has been one of the best. From quality booking to charter completion I found Cabo Magic at the forefront of keeping communication open so I knew what I was getting and what to expect. Not your I have your deposit come and find us.The Captain and mate were knowledgeable and assisted in our successful catch and release of 4 Marlin, 6 Yellow fin and 4 Dolphin on our two days of charter. I would highly recommend Cabo Magic looking for an enjoyable sportfishing adventure.
Erick Rudolph
If your are searching for a great fishing trip, then look no further. Lori and Tommy Garcia have what you are looking for. The crews are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful to new fishermen. They work extremely hard to help you catch fish. Lori and Tommy handle all the arrangements - as well as getting your fresh fish prepared at a local restaurant - professionally and deliver on their promises. They helped us squeeze in an extra day of fishing for Sunday at 6:00 pm on Saturday, after their office had closed. They have what most companies today lack - personal customer service. The Cabo Magic experience is what you want.
Allie Newton