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Cabo Magic arrange affordable Cabo fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas Mexico on a panga ,cruiser, sportfisher and yacht with great Cabo  crews and boats. Cabo San Lucas is at the tip of the Baja peninsular where the Sea of Cortez crashes into the Pacific ocean, this is where the big fish hunt.  Your safety is most important and then putting you on the fish. Tommy has fished in Cabo since 1978 as he explored his Mexican heritage. His grandfather was a Zapatista who fought to free Mexico.

Setting New Standards in Customer Service since 1999

The Best Guest Services for Twenty-Two Years. We strive for Excellence in all that we do with our Charters. Sportfishing in Cabo is not something you want to do like purchasing a laptop on-line or Booking on-line. These out of the country online charter companies have no physical presence in Cabo. A quick phone call helps us guide you into your Charter. Then no problem, e mail and texts are just fine. How can companies offer the lowest price in the most expensive marinas in the world. Marine diesel is over $5.00 a gallon. The fish are sometimes 30 miles out. Boats getting out to the fishing grounds might burn 8 to 12 gallons a mile. Half Days do not really work this year, you really limit the Captain on getting you on the fish and we recommend getting out at 6:30 for the early bite. Think about it.

Fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

We want to cultivate a relationship with you that will last for years. We’ve also been under the Same Ownership and Same Leadership since 1999.  Our Success Started by “Blending the Unique Mexican Culture with American Standards”.

Humble beginnings introducing our distinctive approach to the previously un-organized sportfishing industry in Cabo San Lucas. We are proud knowing many of locals and their families since 1979. Twenty years ago we were approached by our local families to represent them. We agreed. THOUSANDS of  PHOTOS  tell Our Reel story. Cabo Fishing Charters We have kept every Guest photo and letter since 1999.

Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Roosterfish and many more.

Cabo Magic®  Sportfishing’s success in “Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters” is a combination of several factors:  We represent the very Best crews – Captains, First Mates, Deckhands and yes, Onboard Chefs – – – All have tremendous pride in their work and it shows!  Many began with us and moved on to other boats and owners.  We are equally proud of them and their successes. Vessel Owners/Partners understand the necessity of repairs and maintenance according to strict standards. Our attention to the myriad of details in the business of Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas, MX.

Cabo Fishing Charters on a Panga, Cruiser, Express, Sportfisher or Yacht.

Los Cabo’s Fishing Charters at it’s Best.

Our original website was painstakingly and lovingly custom created by Tommy, Alan and Lori on an asp platform in 1997, long before Google launched in September 1998.   The site initially offered current area conditions and general information on Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters.  It was an ideal way to proudly display photos  and letters we received.  One day Lori learned that “Pescador” means “Fisherman” and thus VIP Guest was created – VIP has always meant Very Important Pescador! We’ve been showcased many times, on Sportfishing shows including many that have aired on       ESPN  – OUTDOOR         CHANNEL – OUTDOOR LIFE – VERSUS NETWORK.

Cabo Cruiser Fishing Charters

We’ve been making magic + dreams come true since the day we were established. For some it surely can be beginner’s luck, and we’ve been told, its also personal bucket list dream fulfillment.

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“Setting New Standards in Customer Service in Cabo San Lucas since 1999”

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