Cabo Transportation

Cabo Transportation, First please remember: This is Mexico!

Keeping an open mind is very important .. altho many businesses have followed suit with “American Standards” there are times when the only explanation is “It’s Mexico!!”

Taxi Cabs are available 24/7/365 from all resorts/villas/hotels.

If you are staying at a private home, we recommend you ask the company or owner for their recommendations on arrangements to/from their property.

Transportation is a government controlled industry. There used to only be taxi cabs for transportation and the Taxi Union is firmly in control!

Things evolve and grow …

A new industry for transportationwas created based upon need/demand … Choices Choices Choices! Vans, Tahoes and Suburbans … Jeeps, Escalades, and Hummers.

When the taxi industry began to see/feel a pinch in their pockets from the competition – they started protesting and with the strength of their union backed by the government .. well… suffice to say its best to not even try to understand.

There is no problem what-so-ever in arranging IN ADVANCE your transportation FROM the Airport TO your Hotel/Resort/Villa etc.

Or, you can simply catch a cab at the airport.

Whatever your choice, meet your driver OUTSIDE.

Anything being ‘Hawked’, Sold or Given away inside the Airport terminal – by anyone – regardless of what they say or how official they look – is connected to a Timeshare Presentation.

If TIMESHARE Purchase or Presentation is of interest to you, by all means let us know. We are aquainted with several reputable folks who will steer yuo in the right direction, based upon your needs and preferences.

Do not arrange your return trip – from Hotel to Airport until you are in Cabo and do so with your concierge. They should know what is or is not allowed and since this changes often its best to wait until the day or two before your return.

For AIRPORT to HOTEL arrangements we recommend We have been using and recommending them with confidence for more than 10 years.

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