Frequently asked Questions #1 About Money

FAQ’s About Money

US Dollars are widely accepted. Peso conversion changes numerous times daily.

We dont accept Travellers Checks. Some merchants do, some do not.
Check with your resort to see if they will exchange them for you.

Bring One Dollar bills for “Propina” (Spanish for Tip/Gratuity). Fanny/Money packs are good .. but wear them over your stomach not your fanny!

The American Express Travel Office is located on the first floor of Puerto Paraiso Mall – You can exchange travellers checks there.

“Casa De Cambio” (House of change) is where you can buy/sell dollars/pesos & are everywhere in town.

The location on the street-side (not marina-side) of Tesoro Hotel is known for a decent exchange rate.

There is also a Casa de Cambio location in Marina Cabo Plaza near Mango Deck also known for a competitive rate.

If you want to go into a local bank, expect to spend a large amount of your time.

Banks operate on “Mexican-Time” which can also translate to “No Hurry Do Not Worry”

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