We encourage and support responsible practices. We have been proud supporters of TBF – The Billfish Foundation ( and the IGFA – International Game Fish Association ( since 1999. Join us in support of GUY HARVEY in the Art of Ocean Conservation.

Do I/we need a passport to visit Cabo San Lucas?

YES – ALL visitors are required to have a valid passport for entry into Mexico. The following website provides current and updated USA information. If you do not have a passport, please consider the time needed for passport processing and possible delays. Your local post office can provide passport processing.

What happens to billfish?

We encourage the release of billfish during Non-Tournament fishing. Billfish species include Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish. The technique involved to release these pelagics is to revive them before release. Our crews are skilled in this technique. Observe what the crew does!

Refund and Cancellation policy?

This policy applies to non-tournament charters only. If a charter group or individual does not appear on the date specified all monies paid are forfeited. If cancellation is received less than 24 hours prior to charter date, full balance will be charged.  If cancellation is received 30 days or more prior to boarding date full […]

Other things for us to know?

Swimming on the Pacific side can be EXTREMELY dangerous due to currents, riptides and powerful waves. ROGUE WAVES are a regular occurrence. Many beaches on the Sea of Cortez side have undertows which are not visible from the beach, dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. There MAY NOT be posted warning […]

What happens to the fish we catch?

Billfish – MARLIN & SAILFISH are usually released “CR&R” stands for CATCH REVIVE & RELEASE. Crew are skilled in process of release. If REVIVAL is required first mate will hold fish in water alongside boat by “bill” while captain moves boat at slow rate of speed forcing oxygen into the fish. EDIBLE FISH such as […]

Is there anything we need to bring with us?

Yes! Bring personal items for sun protection. The UV index is generally quite high. The reflection off the water will add to sun exposure. Remember to apply and reapply as needed. Capture “KODAK” moments — remember batteries, memory cards, and anything else your phone or camera needs. It might not be a bad idea to […]

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