Can we drink margaritas on the boat? What about beer and wine? What if I’m a friend of Bill W.?

Our primary concern is your safety. Beer and wine can be enjoyed in moderation.

Our policy is that “hard liquor” not be consumed on fishing excursions. “Hard Alcohol” : Tequila,. Vodka, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Whiskey, etc. unless you are on a vessel  which provided a full bar with additional staff.

If you are a friend of Bill W we are happy to accommodate you.

Private Parties such as Sunset Cruise, Sightseeing Tours, and Whale Watching is available aboard any of our vessels – with no fishing. Hard alcohol can be consumed on these cruises/tours. Luxury yachts have staff that attend to guests needs without sacrificing safety – and also provide additional seating areas.

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