Other things for us to know?

Swimming on the Pacific side can be EXTREMELY dangerous due to currents, riptides and powerful waves. ROGUE WAVES are a regular occurrence. Many beaches on the Sea of Cortez side have undertows which are not visible from the beach, dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. There MAY NOT be posted warning signs and if they are they will be in Spanish! Our area was a fishing village first – golf added in the mid 1990’s. Old-timers can tell stories about there being a roped-off area in front of the old Hacienda Beach Resort for swimmers – way before the jet ski’s, wave runners or parasail activities were introduced. Please do not litter our beaches. Always take along a plastic trash bag for your trash. Help keep the beaches clean and beautiful. There are NO LIFEGUARDS repeat NO LIFEGUARDS. Please be aware of this for yourself and your children safety. When walking on the beach please be aware that TURTLES lay their eggs in nests here. Please DO NOT ride ATV bikes on the beach as you will not know when you are disturbing nests and destroying eggs. Regarding WHALE WATCH tours: PLEASE do not ask to see the whales – mamas or their calves – up close – be respectful. Feel free to call the office for additional information and/or explanation.

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