What can we expect from your crews?

First and foremost, our crews are concerned with the safety of our VIP guests. Next they want to entertain you and ‘get you on the fish’. To succeed, a combination of effort, skill, timing and luck work together. It is very important to keep your wits about you while aboard any vessel. Sea conditions can go from ‘smooth’ to ‘choppy’ or even a rogue swell can appear seemingly out of nowhere. It is helpful to watch what the crew is doing. They’ll be working to find the fish. They are watching signs of action such as birds, surface bubbles, bait fish, jumping fish, fins & tails. Their eyes are trained & skilled in watching for the slightest sign of fish action. They will troll lures to catch the attention of fish. Sometimes the fish you are hunting will hit a trolled lure and sometimes the crew will pitch live bait to entice them. Our captains & mates can speak and understand English in various levels. Several take great pride in their ability to do so. ALL crews do their best to understand what you say to them. Some are more comfortable speaking their native language amongst themselves .Just as you might appreciate their effort to speak English to you, they do appreciate any effort made to speak Spanish. All of our crews speak fantastic Fish English! Our crews do what is necessary to maintain the boat & keep equipment functioning and operating properly.

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