What happens to the fish we catch?

Billfish – MARLIN & SAILFISH are usually released “CR&R” stands for CATCH REVIVE & RELEASE.
Crew are skilled in process of release. If REVIVAL is required first mate will hold fish in water alongside boat by “bill” while captain moves boat at slow rate of speed forcing oxygen into the fish.

EDIBLE FISH such as Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Snapper, Grouper, etc. can be eaten. Rules set forth by governing authorities are followed by all crews of Team CABO MAGIC Sportfishing. We remind you this is Mexico & thus urge patience & understanding as sometimes rules & their enforcement change. Be assured our crews do what is required by governing agencies.

We respectfully remind you our crews are working for you & not recreationally fishing for themselves. A gratuitous donation of fresh fish is sincerely appreciated & shared with others.

Bringing fish home to the USA is generally accepted w/the following guidelines: Your ice chest or cooler must be hard sided – it cannot be Styrofoam. We respectfully suggest you check with your airlines for up to date information concerning fees, restrictions and any other pertinent information. Bring duct tape. Do not seal your ice chest until it has been viewed at the airport by airline officials. A “reasonable” amount of fish is permitted by Mexican Officials. Ice and/or frozen water bottles, are not permitted, and are subject to removal by airport officials. It’ always a good idea to check with your airlines for any specific size restrictions or conditions concerning bringing fish back.

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