What techniques do your crews use to catch fish?

Big game sportfishing is a hunt!

The captain will use the highest point on his vessel to watch for signs of action. Some boats have a bridge while others have a full tuna tower that puts the highest level 30′ above the water level. Think of ‘crows nest’ for a ‘birds eye view”.

Some species of birds are often an indicator of fish below the surface. Especially the bird called frigate whose height above the water can be indicative of where a fish may be below the surface. Bait fish jumping can be a sign that what you seek might be near.

Mostly, we use a method called trolling – pulling lures/artificials at varying rates of speed to entice fish interest.

Live bait is pitched to entice a ‘finning’ marlin, or when you encounter a ‘boiling’ school of fish.

Also, sometimes a hooked dorado is left in the water to catch the mate ..

Lots of magic techniques utilized by our crews! We encourage active participation by all guests aboard. Watch the water for signs such as birds, jumping fish, dorsal fins – these are important to point out to the crew. Good teamwork leads to good results!  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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