Food & Beverage

Effective June 22, 2012

The following provisions are available – let me know if you would like to order anything – no less then 48. Hours prior to charter, please.

Your provisions will be aboard for you as requested!

OR you can bring your own – No hard alcohol allowed!

To order snax and/or beverages please send an email to

Roasted chicken (cut up w/tortillas & salsa) or American style box lunch USD $15 each

Cerveza (Beer)

Bohemia – Modelo – Negro Modelo – USD $20 per six-pac – Available only by 6 pack


Pacifico or Pacific Light

Corona or Corona Light


Tecate or Tecate Light

USD $2 each or USD $35 for a case (20 count)



Coors or Coors Light

Budweiser or Bud Light

USD $40 per case (12 count) – available only by case


Chips: Potato, Fritos, Doritos – $5 ea med size bag

Soft Drinks: Regular or Diet USD $2 each:
Coke ~ Sprite ~ Pepsi ~ 7Up ~ Fresca ~ Orange ~ Root Beer

Bottled Water USD $2 each

Fruit Juice USD $3 each
Orange ~ Apple ~ Pineapple ~ Tomato
Pear ~ Guava ~ Peach ~ Papaya ~ Mango

Gatorade Assorted flavors $4 each

**All prices are shown in U.S. Dollar **
Sometimes we might need to make a substitution to your request

There are places that open at the marina early in the morning
where guests can conveniently purchase food/beverages/snacks.

There is also a tienda (Spanish for “market”) at the diesel dock that offers a good selection.

Some guest like to go to the restaurant “Pollos de Oro” the day/night before
and purchase rotisserie chicken and tortillas for their food aboard.
They offer a large variety of food items other than chicken.

There are several locations – all taxi drivers know where “Pollos de Oro” is – or – –
ask at the resort where you are staying for the closest location.

All resorts offer box lunches for their guests.

Those of you with condos/villas with full kitchens
can take full advantage and make your own special creations to enjoy.
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