I am generally available 9am to 5pm Cabo San Lucas time
It’s sometimes difficult to respond immediately to emails or text messages, and pride ourselves on prompt responses and spectacular customer service.  We sincerely thank you for your patience.

Cabo San Lucas is on MOUNTAIN TIME.  We began observing Daylight Savings Time approx ten years ago, however we do not change clocks at the same time.  AND it is possible DST will be elimnated by our Governor.

No one wants a trip interrupted by an emergency.  It is important to be prepared.

You can provide your home/office with our contact:  Tel 619.819.8634

We can get a message to you provided we know the name your resort/villa/timeshare reservation.

We respectfully suggest you don’t use any product for the first time in Cabo especially over the counter sea-sickness meds! Do a test run before you travel to be certain you don’t have adverse reaction.

If you find yourself in an emergency medical or dental situation contact the General Manager of your resort – ask if they have an on-site physician. Some provide contact information for a general doctor or dentist.

It’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider in the USA about their policy concerning benefits/coverage.

There are insurance policies available that will provide for medical evacuation.
Contact JASON and tell him Cabo Magic sent you:::
:    http://westcoastri.com/


PASSPORT is needed to travel to Mexico and to return to the USA – Recommend you make a photo copy of your passport to carry with you.  Leave original with your travel documents properly stored at the hotel/resort/villa

Advise CREDIT CARD Issuers & PayPal you are travelling out of the country. Provide specific travel dates.

About DRINKING THE WATER/ICE – You are fine in restaurants all use purified water for ice (Hielo Purificado)
A suggestion however, is to use BOTTLED WATER for personal hygiene (teeth brushing)

Please check with your physician for his/her recommendation/s for OTC or prescription-strength products.
RESPECTFULLY recommend you do test at home – prior to your trip – so that IF there are adverse reactions, you are in comfort of home.



US Dollars are widely accepted. Peso conversion changes numerous times daily.

We dont accept Travellers Checks. Some merchants do, most do not. Check with your resort to see if they will exchange them for you.

One and Five Dollar bills are perfect for “Propina” (Spanish for Tip/Gratuity). Fanny/Money packs are good .. but wear them over your stomach not your fanny!. US coins cannot be used in Cabo.

“Casa De Cambio” (House of change) is where you can buy/sell dollars/pesos & are everywhere in town.

The location on the street-side (not marina-side) of Tesoro Hotel is known for a decent exchange rate.

There is also a Casa de Cambio location in Marina Cabo Plaza near Mango Deck also known for a competitive rate.

If you want to go into a local bank, expect to spend a large amount of your time.

Banks operate on “Mexican-Time” which can also translate to “No Hurry Do Not Worry.”


Many restaurants will prepare your fresh fish in several scrumptious ways.
Look at our Places to Eat email
for numerous restaurant recommendations.

“The shoemaker’s children have no shoes”
My version of this saying is
“The fisherman’s family eat no fresh fish”

Our crews & their families are grateful to receive some eating fish
such as Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, YellowTail, Sierra, Pargo, Amberjack, Cabrilla
in addition to a monetary gratuity. Thank you for thinking of them.

Please Respect Limits & Practice Responsible Fishing Practices.

“In ocean waters and estuaries the limit is a total of ten fish per person per day –
no more than 5 catches of single species except Marlin/Sailfish/Swordfish/Shark –
One specimen from this group per day –
Counts toward overall 10 fish per angler limit, or Dorado, Roosterfish, Shad, or Tarpon,
of which only two samples from this group allowed, and which count as five toward the overall 10 fish limit”

About Property Rentals/Ownership
Should you decide you want to know more about rentals or property investment [resale / new construction], please ask and we will put you in contact with a reputable agent for both/either.

If you are a homeowner – here is a referral for HURRICANE SCREENS please contact BERT or LAURIE at www.bajascreens.com and tell them Lori Garcia sent you

Swimming on the Pacific side can be EXTREMELY dangerous due to currents, riptides and powerful waves. ROGUE WAVES are a regular occurance.

The Sea of Cortez side can have undertows which are not visible from the beach, as well as dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. There MAY NOT be posted warning signs and if they are they will be in Spanish!

Our area was a fishing village first – golf was added in the mid 1990’s. Old-timers can tell stories about there being a roped-off area in front of the old Hacienda Beach Resort for swimmers – way before jetskis, waverunners or parasail activities were introduced.

Please do not litter our beaches. take along a plastic trash bag for your trash. Help keep beaches clean and beautiful.

There are NO LIFEGUARDS on the beach nor at Hotels/Resorts/Villas–Repeat there are NO LIFEGUARDS. Please be aware of your own and your childrens safety.

When walking on the beach please be aware that TURTLES lay their eggs in nests on some beaches here. Please DO NOT ride ATV bikes on the beach as you will not know when you are disturbing nests and destroying eggs.

You can bring fish back with you.

It must be frozen solid and in a hard sided ice chest which you check in as a piece of luggage.
Allow a minimum of 24 hours for freezing.

It must fly at the same time as you as it must also pass thru customs when you return to your origination country.

If you are going to freeze fish yourself, bring ZIPLOCK FREEZER Bags and a PERMANENT MARKER.
If your resort allows you to use their walk-in freezer, write your name and villa/room number on the bag/s.

Bring Duct Tape to seal your ice chest. Wait until you are at the airport to seal it after it has been inspected.

If you wish to have your fish smoked, all of our crews have their favorites – usually a relative with a home-based business – and can make contact with them while returning to the marina.
TELL CREW YOU WANT ZURDO SERVICE.  The representative will meet you at the end of your day and discuss pricing, timing and answer any questions you have. They can arrange to deliver to you at your hotel/resort/villa.

Coolers can be purchased at many places in town. They may be bit more expensive than you pay back home. If you bring one with you from home, do not bring one larger than 48 quarts. Wheels are good!

Do not put anything other than your frozen fish in the ice chest. Ice is not permitted and will be removed. Same for frozen water bottles.

There is no dry ice in Cabo.

Check with your airlines about costs or fees they charge.

We have been advised by the Office of The Port Captain:

“All boats are to pick up passengers in their specific marina and slip AND return passengers to the slip they have departed from”

We therefore ask for your cooperation —  Please, do not ask our crew to drop you off at any location other than the private slip from which you departed.

We thank you for your anticipated cooperation and understanding.

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