Shipping / Keeping Your Fish

You can bring fish back with you.

It must be frozen solid and in a hard sided ice chest which you check in as a piece of luggage.
Allow a minimum of 24 hours for freezing.

It must fly at the same time as you as it must also pass thru customs when you return to your origination country.

Bring ZIPLOCK FREEZER Bags and a PERMANENT MARKER with you for your day/s of fishing. Write your name and villa/room number on the bag/s.

Bring Duct Tape to seal your ice chest.
Wait until you are at the airport to seal it after it has been inspected.

Please check with your resort, villa owner, agent etc for their policy, as we respectfully suggest it best for you to bring your fish with you at the end of your fishing day.

If you wish to have your fish smoked, our crews have their favorites – usually a relative with a home-based business – and can make contact with them while returning to the marina.
The representative will meet you at the slip with a scale and discuss pricing, timing and answer any questions you have. They deliver to you at your hotel/resort/villa.

Coolers can be purchased at many places in town. They may be bit more expensive than you pay back home. If you bring one with you from home, do not bring one larger than 48 quarts. Wheels are good!

Do not put anything other than your frozen fish in the ice chest. Ice is not permitted and will be removed. Same for frozen water bottles.

There is no dry ice in Cabo.

Check with your airlines about costs or fees they charge.

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