What to do with fish

Having your fresh catch prepared at a local restaurant, is an extraordinary experience!
See email PLACES TO EAT for suggestions and recommendations.
AND, you can bring fish home:

You can bring fish home as long as it is either (1) SMOKED [requires no refigeration] of (2) FROZEN SOLID which takes 24-48 hours.

Ask your crew for   ZURDO   for smoking and/or freezing.
ZURDO service comes to the boat at end of day.  You can make arrangements with them to bring fish to your hotel/resort/villa  – well worth the additional .25 per pound (TWENTY FIVE CENTS) he charges for this service – his pricing is independent of us. 


If you choose to use a different service, get your angler licenses from the crew before departing the boat at end of day.

Hard-sided cooler (ice chest) needed to bring the bags back to the USA .. Duct tape will be required to tape cooler shut, AFTER inspection at airport – nothing else frozen is allowed in the cooler such as ice, frozen water bottles etc. We don’t have dry ice .. The cooler will be checked in at ticket counter with luggage … check with your airlines for weight and cost info … in US, cooler generally returns in baggage claim area where oversized luggage is, such as golf bags and surfboards.

Alternatively, if you have/bring one of the collapsible soft-sided ‘LUNCH’ coolers  .. When I personally fly, this is what I do: I put a magazine/book on top of the bags, and then add snacks/|burritos.  I use it as one of my personal carry-on items.


Do you remember the expression “The Shoemakers Children Have No Shoes” ?
Our version is “The Fishermans Family Have No Fresh Fish”
Please consider leaving some fish with your crew thank you.


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